VELD’S ~ Eye Magic (6.5ml) 神奇修護眼霜(6.5毫升)


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Product Description

Veld’s Eye Magic is an all-in-one eye contour repair product that reduces the effect of dark circles. Formulated to illuminate the under-eye area, Eye Magic comes not in a wand, but in an airless Yonwoo spot brush pen developed by Quadpack.

Inspired by the rich flora of South African veld, Eye Magic combines Rooibos with Haloxyl in Bosloxyl, for an effective response to lightening dark circles. Airless technology protects the formula’s integrity by shielding it from air, gas and other external contaminants.

Clicking the lockable button activates the flow of the product, which is then applied to the eye contour with a soft brush. Dosage is a perfect 0.15ml per stroke.

The slimline shape means the illuminator brush fits perfectly into a handbag, for regular touch-ups throughout the day.

The 6.5ml brush pen is colour matched in black with silver metallisation on the bottle and cap, and black silk-screen print on the body.

1.Activate the applicator brush by placing the button to the “ON” position.
2.Apply a broad gesture on the desired area, spreading the product with a flexible return movement of the brush.
3.Possibly finalize the application by lightly tapping his finger.
4. Use MAGIC EYE to correct imperfections on areas of rosacea, the nose, the nasolabial fold, cheeks, frown..