FAZUP ~ Anti-Radiation Patch for Mobile Phones (2 Pieces Set) 手機抗輻射貼片(兩片套裝)


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Product Description

A genuine simple and effective protection, for you and your children, against electromagnetic radiations emitted by your mobile phone (up to 99%) which are absorbed by your brain and body.
FAZUP does not impair your phone calls and spares your health, thanks to a passive antenna that regulates the radiation power and is integrated within an extra-slim patch at the back your mobile phone.
FAZUP is an extra-slim patch containing a passive silver antenna which regulates mobile phone electromagnetic radiations without impairing the quality of the network reception – within the usage conditions recommended by the network operators.

The FAZUP patch enables to optimize the regulation of the radiation power of mobile phones and therefore greatly limits the quantity of electromagnetic radiations emitted towards users (up to 99% of EM radiations are absorbed by your brain, generally 80 to 90 % in average). It is applied precisely at the back of each compatible mobile phone models (as close as possible to the antennas) with the help of an exclusive and patented installation template.
From a practical point of view, your phone calls are not impaired. From a health point of view, the benefits are multiple: according to a large scale test of 1000 mobile phone users who have testified to the reduction of side effects leading to the following disorders and discomforts:Headaches (95%), Whistling ears (96%), Sleeping problems (98%), Overheating ears (100%), Tingling (91%), Epileptic seizures (100%)

FAZUP is recommended by more than 500 medical doctors and its effectiveness is proven by an independent laboratory (Emitech), accredited by Cofrac., a worldwide patented technology, made in France,  has an unlimited life cycle under a protective casing.