EVE LOM ~ Moisture Mask (100ML) 水凝保濕面膜(100毫升)


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Product Description

EVE LOM 水凝保濕面膜,能迅間提升及鎖緊肌膚水份,有效舒緩鎮靜肌膚,改善暗啞乾燥膚質,注入活力,而且使用方法簡便,薄薄敷於肌膚上後無須清洗,是轉季時補濕防敏感護理的最佳選擇。

於英國創立自家品牌的傳奇人物Eve Lom是現時全球最受敬仰和極受歡迎的專業美容人士之一。出生於捷克斯拉夫的她於80年代初認識荷里活著名的皮膚專家,期後於倫敦研究解剖學、營養學及身體按摩等技巧,她亦曾到中國鑽研針灸治療,最終開辦了EVE LOM美容中心。時至今日,EVE LOM的護膚產品系列已於世界各地的高級百貨市商場及水療中心有售,更於多年來獲獎無數,包括Vogue、InStyle、Cosmpolitan、Tatler、UK Beauty Awards以及Cosmetic Executive Women的大獎,其皇牌潔面乳更被Vogue形容為「全世界最好的潔面乳」。
Moisture Mask 水凝保濕面膜,蘊含高科技補濕因子及水份複合物,能針對每個肌膚皮層,續一注滿水份,並強效防止水份流失,讓肌膚回復年輕緊緻、水嫩光澤,同時增加各皮層的儲水量,保持肌膚時刻水潤。豐富的維他命E更能為肌膚築起保護屏障,免受外在環境困素的侵害。Moisture Mask works to restore skin’s natural moisture levels by 70 percent in as little as two hours. The formula glides on clear and is ideal for travel and home use, twice weekly or whenever thirsty skin needs a refreshing dose of deep hydration. Brimming with advanced moisture and aqua complexes, the blend restores skin’s natural moisture levels and supports its protective layer to combat future dehydration, while sodium hyluronate promotes long-lasting hydration and vitamin E encourages a firmer appearance to combat loss of elasticity and protect the skin from environmental damage. The complexion is given a brighter, firmer, hydrated, and more youthful appearance.